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Sep 25, 2010 10:00am EDT
their journeys at 8:00. earlier this week, the senate banking committee reviewed the report by the sec inspector general. in that report showed the sec expected stanford was operating a ponzi scheme as early as 1997 but failed to take any action for almost eight years. we will now hear testimony from the inspector general during this two-hour i am late getting up here and i apologize to everyone. i will make some brief opening comments. my hope is that we will go right to our witnesses so we do not delay because we are a little bit behind. if people want to be heard, i always get people to write to express themselves on these issues. today is an important hearing. let me thank my colleagues for yesterday as well. i am very grateful for the senators that chaired the hearing and my colleagues that showed up to participate. >> i am very much interested in doing something that would promote infrastructure and private sector investment. i think you passed the baton to senator kerrey. i attended a hearing yesterday. we talked about some of the concerns and parameters. >> this morning is an o
Sep 6, 2010 4:30am EDT
critic weighs on wallstreet fines. the sec has made headlines this year charging fines to wallstreet banks for their roles in the subprime meltdown. earlier we spoke with janet tavakoli, a wallstreet critic for her take. let's go over the fines. citi, $75 million fine for underestimating its sub prime exposure. goldmasachs paid 550 million for the way it mketed an investment deal. what do you think about the amount of those fines? well it's ieresting, because what does it really take to get the sec and congress excited about what has been going on in the market? this is the largest ponzi scheme in the history of the capital markets and they're treating all of these guys with kid gloves. and not only that, the charges that they're going after seem almost to be designed to miss the main mark. let's take an example of citi group. as you are aware, they are looking at citi group understating its exposure to sub prime. but what are the implications of that? the implications are enormous in terms of what citi group did. among other things, they should be looking at the citi group officers
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Sep 10, 2010 2:00am EDT
financial reform bill. the sec no longer has to comply with freedom of information requests. that's huge. the law exempts the sec from providing information derived from, quote, surveillance, risk assessment or other regulatory and oversight activities. wow, that's kind of broad, huh? so, now when the media is it troubled by or curious about something that the sec is doing, you're just going to have to wonder or hope there's change. even lawmakers are saying this is a big deal like democratic senator ted kaufman, who is calling for it now to be rewritten. it won't be, but he's calling for it. maybe he should have done that before it was passed. kaufman said, quote, this provision is overly broad. freedom of information act already has exemptions in it to deal with such concerns. if those exemptions needed to be broadened we should have done it with a scalpel, another wonderful development. yes, it is. now, here is yet another, this one from media outlet huffington post, fair and balanced. they've teamed up with the far left progressive think tank, the time foundation. well, they're
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Sep 2, 2010 10:00pm EDT
unglued. not just what the sec said they did it is what your sec is doing that will get you steamed. >> donald trump takes shots with david letterman on tv. it is true. but it is not what you think. you will see the video. so, what is this thing again? it's fidelity's guidance -- it shows you ways to spend in retirement that can help your money last, whatever your plans. like, if we wanted to travel? husband: or start a business? advisor: yep. wife: or take some classes? sure. or find the best cheeseburger? the line isn't for everything. whatever your destination, fidelity will help you get there. because when it comes to investing, you should never settle. fidelity investments. [ male announcer ] at ge capital, we're out there every day with clients like jetblue -- financing their fleet, sharing our expertise, and working with people who are changing the face of business in america. after 25 years in the aviation business, i kind of feel like if you're not having fun at what you do, then you've got the wrong job. my landingas better than yours. no, it wasn't. yes, it was. was not.
Sep 11, 2010 11:15pm EDT
four secs to go and upsets the hokeys on the home turf. >>> and the home opener for navy hosting georgia southern and eagles head coach from 2002- 2007 under paul johnson. second quarter, navy up serve-0 and punkes it in. the navy led 13-0 at the half and win 13-7. >>> the battle for the reach hu this afternoon. always a big affair when they meet and tied at 49 in the half and on that round, 21-14. and in the third, more hampton and to davis. he picks up a nice one and goes in the for the td. 31-21, the final. and it's time for a quick break. when we come back, the -- is good defense enough to beat the marlins? nationals highlights are on deck. >>> a quick programming note. the real score begins tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. on wdca my 20. it's a new 60-minute sports information show that features athletes and sports executives. and the nats president will appear on the first episode. we'll be right back. -9 ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ and bring our city together
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm EDT
21-year-old male and he was a pro athlete who run the course in 12.5 secs he will give his mother's friend the prize, 63 whopping dollars worth of women's makeup. >> and at least he did his best. >>> college football is in full swing and lindy is murphy has more on what is up next on sports extra. >>> the hokies home turf and will the terps get good practice in against morgan state? i will explain what that means in a few minutes and don't forget, the nationals were in action as well as d.c. uniteed and that is coming up next on sports extra. i think running in heels is easier than walking, what do you say? and that is probably the case. >> flip flop. >> thanks. >> i know. our producer is like for real. anyway. >>> that is it for us. fox 5 news is always d ke it he is two minutes away. see you tomorrow.  introducing the samsung fascinate powered by verizon. super amoled screen. six-axis 3d gaming and access to thousands of free apps. all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. the samsung fascinate. only at verizon. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh ther
Sep 5, 2010 9:00pm PDT
recent sec shirting has had people flocking to the beach in the water. >> crazy. you gotta be crazy. if >> there are some people of british are still see the sign and stay clear. >> being afraid of sharks is fine. >> the chances are pc of the shark is probably too late. i >> it is attacking somebody else. for >> but if it is attacking you? this >> is too late. my >> point exactly. the >> many people make that servers, totally ignore this stark setting science and served anyway. >> there are crazy. a >> if the shark bit as steel why would you get in the water? >> many people i talk to have no wants to be as sharp appetite. >> this couple from wisconsin what their kids them in the water as they watch. and >> this lady came to the beach. >> i came to see if i could catch him. >> my question is shark sighting would you jump in the water? >> no! no! no! no! no explanation mark but then again i am a coward. >> is specific the imi cowan of >> yet, doors story please e- mail us. it the giants are in the game and the padres lost earlier today of the giants took advantage leaving the dodgers just
Sep 14, 2010 12:00am PDT
enforcement practices of people like the sec its it's changed. >> absolutely. the sec has upped its game incredibly. thousand there are people who would suggest to you that some of the case these are bringing aren't as strong as they should be and i am indicating goldman sachs is the one i think a lot of people thought wasn't as strong a case as it should have beenment but they have clearly drawn a line in the sand and said we are going after these people. and a imagine, by the way, will you see them bring additional cases, perhaps even around characters that are in that book from the crisis. people say this was a blameless crisis. nobody is going to jail. nobody has been hauled off in handcuffs. >> do you think-- indictments are in the waiting with. >> i don't know if there are criminal indictments in the wing but i think the sec will pursue cases against certain individuals on a civil basis from that period, no question. >> rose: when you look at general motors, that is a success story. >> that is a-- . >> rose: or is it too early to tell. >> it's probably too early to tell you ab
Sep 25, 2010 4:00pm PDT
on offense and defense. stanford improves to 4-0 with a 37-14 victory. >>> big sec showdown. arkansas and alabama. first quarter, razorbacks getting down to business. wingo, jr., makes one man miss and is in. 43 yards on the play, 7-0 hogs. in the third, bama comes back. the crimson tide down 20-14. alabama completes the come back. mark ingram punks -- punches it in. crimson tide survive 24-20. >>> don't forget to join us after the game tonight mete immediately -- immediately following boise state. we resident get started around 8:30. >> as the a's wind down their season, all they have left is playing spoiler. gonzalez getting the start for the a's and got some run support in the bottom of the first. suzuki grounds one to second. kinsler bobbles it. no double-play. davis scores, 1 or a's. but the rangers respond in the third. michael young. liftoff, deep to left and gone. tied at 1. then in the 6th. cantu breaking that tie. lines a single into left. kinsler scores. can -- in the ninth, rangers lead 4-3. >> let's tee it up. third round of the tour championship. goosen, birdie
Sep 6, 2010 6:00am EDT
clearing and trading. the act authorizes the cftc and the sec to mandate central clearing of otc derivatives that are determined to be appropriate for clearing and capable of being cleared. does that sound like something that is when to work? >> i think that will work. the more that you can put in a transparent clearing system, the better. when you wanted to get a stock price just by looking at a ticker 25 years ago, you would have to call a stockbroker. today, you can pull it up on a computer screen. you can't do that for a bond. the bond market and the credit markets need to move towards that. more and more will move towards open exchange. that is so much better for the consumer. there should be transparency. someone is offering and what someone is willing to sell, with transparency, you would narrow the spread. that is better for the system. >> when you say bonds, what is the difference between a bond and a stock? >> a bond will typically be a collateral holding. if a company goes bust, the equity shareholders are wiped out but the bond owns the collateral of the company. you
Sep 1, 2010 6:00am EDT
a fight an insurgencey. terrorism and sec tarne -- sectarian warfare threatened to tear iraq apart. thousands of americans gave their lives. tens of thousands have been wounded. our relations abroad were strained, our unity at home were strained. if there has been one constant amid these shifting times, at every turn america's men and women in uniform have served with courage and resolve. as commander-in-chief, i am incredibly proud of their service. like all americans, i am awed by their sacrifice. and by the sacrifices of their families. the americans who have served in iraq completed every mission they were given. they defeated the regime that terrorized its people together with iraqis and coalition partners that made huge sacrifices of their own our troops fought block by block to help iraq seize a better future. they shifted tactics to help the iraqi people, trained iraqi forces, and took out terrorist leaders. because of our troops and civilians, and because of the resilience of the iraqi people, iraq has the opportunity to embrace a new destiny. even though many challenges r
Sep 13, 2010 5:00am EDT
refused to comment on the matter. >>> a sec wildfire stretches emergency crews to the limit in colorado. that story is coming up plus, checks get underway this week to prevent another natural gas line explosion near san francisco. >>> thousands of people marched through downtown washington with a message for captiol hill lawmakers. stay with us. >>> some people have been allowed back to see their homes after last week's gas pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno, california. four people are dead and a few more are missing after thursday's blast. the gas utility has been ordered to survey all of the lines for leaks. >>> more evacuations near boulder, colorado has the second wildfire is now threatening some neighborhoods. flames scorched hundreds of acres prompting authorities to evacuate people within four miles of the fire. several thousand people marched down pennsylvania avenue yesterday in the washington monument to the capitol. it is within of the tea party rallies held in cities across the country. supporters want to see less federal government spending. >>> the people w
Sep 8, 2010 10:30pm PDT
with the sec -- with the lessees at the horse stable prior to construction, which is scheduled for the beginning of next year. construction challenges -- we issued our first ncp on the irvington tunnel project in july. what we're doing, because of the permitting issue that i talked about earlier, some of these permits are taking longer to secure. what we're doing is following an approach here where we are issuing --h we negotiated with the contractor to issue multiple ñrthe first allows the contacted to begin for chairman, some metals, and some field survey. we can then secure land and issue an additional for the f -- the first allows the contractor to begin procurements, submittals, and some field surveys. one challenge we are encountering on the bay division pipeline 5 project, we have encountered a high concentration of nickel in some of the soil we dug up for trenching activity, so that will be requiring special hazardous material handling and compliance with more stringent disposal requirements. also on that project, we have m site that will require us to tunnel under that si
Sep 14, 2010 4:30pm PDT
the sec had also hit a bicyclist according to police who guided the scene. the woman and child in the car were ok charges have been filed against a man driving the as he carried governor supports bigger is in japan he made a short trip on the bullet train today he liked what he saw he described a high-speed system its very quiet futuristic. japanese officials were delighted he showed an interest off their trying to sell their technology to other countries. california's one of 13 u.s. district planning high-speed railway systems in the coming years. back to our developing story on the san bruno gas line explosion. after the smoke clears what happens to all those affected vicki lynn of the act as caught up with the mayor of san bruno as each day he was face to face with the victims of the tragedy. >> >> this community shelter sambar knows their checks in with volunteers and victims of the big blast that killed some neighbors and made others homeless. >> we have few roles coming up at the end of this week and next week. there's a lot of stuff happening. >> the healing process has sta
Sep 16, 2010 12:00pm EDT
said it is difficult to understand how priests fall in to that perversion. this is the sec time a pope fete seth foot in britain. when the pope visited in 1982 he was greet by massive adoring crowds but pope benedict xvi will face plenty of protest on friday. >> we are urging the pope to open vatican's secret sex files. >> reporter: there's been a lot of criticism about the cost to the british taxpayer, an estimated $20 million to pay for travel, accommodations and security including here at the london residence where the pope will be staying. critics say pope benedict xvi may not even fill arenas at hi outdoor evens around britain. the first day ends with an open- air mass in glasgow. it includes a performance by scottish singer and staunch catholic susan boyle. a public figure whose popularity may outshine the man she's performing for. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >>> tomorrow the pope will meet with the british prime minister tony blair and british prime minister. >>> howard has the forecast coming up. >>> we will introduce you to the cocker spaniel and tell you about a front
Sep 8, 2010 9:30pm PDT
, secretary ray lahood. i could not agree more with sec -- senator boxer. he is a breath of fresh air, a man of great courage and vision. when ray lahood became the secretary of transportation, he brought with him a vision of transforming communities through transportation. nominating him, then-president- elect obama said that fewer understand the challenge better than the man that i am asking to the department of transportation. ray lahood lead to an agency with more than 150,000 employees and a $7 billion budget. today, he is paving the way for sustainable and livable projects to move forward, such as the transbay transit center. mr. secretary, thank you for everything you are doing to move the safety and movement of people, goods, and for your support of the transbay project. >> thank you. good morning, san francisco. i am delighted to be here. i asked the mayor -- let me put it this way. i go to a lot of the bench, and i judge them by how many people show up and how much media shows up. this is a big deal. [applause] i asked the mayor who all these people were. i hope us -- this does not
Sep 8, 2010 2:30pm PDT
killed, and the leader was shot dead. the sec has been active, and they have headquarters in the capital. there has been unrest in other states, kabul, and other cities. they are for the implementation of strict islamist law. they have declared that they intend to regroup and rearm. it is feared this group are embracing new tactics and are behind a number of killings in which police officers are shot dead and the gunman speed up on motorbikes. bbc news. >> one tiny florida church has provoked demonstrations around the world. a response to its plans for announced burning of the koran to mark the 9/11 attacks. the pastor of the church is unaffected. he says the plans will go ahead for this saturday. >> from a small, rundown, and poorly-attended church in florida comes the u.s. preacher with inflammatory ideas. >> this book, mohammed, this book is not a book of peace. this book is responsible for 9/11. >> pastor terry jones is defying world opinion. he plans to stage of public iran burning on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. -- a public karan burning -- koran burning. >> is much more da
Sep 9, 2010 11:30pm EDT
favre got tired in the sec half and they really missed sidney rice. they don't have that threat down the field. >> and shiancoe was the tightened. >> if you look at the defensive side for the vikings, the young secondary played extremely well. they held them to 14 minutes and the saints, i mean, they just played well. >> but you look at favre, you could see fatigue. arm or -- >> just his body language. the last drive of the first half was special. i thought he was going to come out and rip them up in the second half and he couldn't get going. >> you are talking about a 41-year-old guy who missed training camp. >> it might be better after he practices and gets into the flow. but tonight, it wasn't sharp. >> you can't recreate that situation if it's brett favre or someone younger. >> he made wonderful throws down the middle. >> back to bob. >> before we clear out of here and head to d.c. for the sunday nighter between the redskins and the cowboys. for breaking news and updates, the place to go is profootball talk on the latest on vincent jackson's situation and he will b
Sep 28, 2010 6:00pm EDT
brought a gun to a funeral. >> two secs you heard gun shots go off and everybody responded back into the church and scattered everywhere. >> reporter: 21-year-old ashley mccray's funeral was wrapping up and that crowd gathered for one last goodbye as the casket was placed in the hearse. police and members from the columbia heights collaborative have been watching the violence escalate between the two groups and many worried that violence would break out and they did. sadly ashley and the man killed had moved away from violence recently. >> and this is about him and the fact that he's one of the kids they have been working with and has been removed from this kind of behavior the last few weeks. >> it's very difficult because it makes you feel the as though the work is being done in vain and at the same time, we know that there are other students who made a change which gives us the energy needed to keep doing what we do. >> reporter: very sad, indeed, for gun fire to break out at a funeral and ashley was killed by a gun shot and someone else was shot. the big fire error is retali
Sep 7, 2010 2:30pm PDT
working life. christian fraser, bbc news. >> the spanish prime minister has called on be asked sec test group to lay down its arms forever -- on the basque separatist group to lay down its arms forever. mozambique has reversed its decision to raise oil prices by 30%. food riots left 13 dead last week. bread will now be sold at its previous price, 14 cents. help ministry as saying cases of suicide and depression it cost the economy an estimated $32 billion last year. the government launched at task force to address the problem. every year since 1998, more than 30,000 japanese people have committed suicide. more than two weeks of political deadlock that ended in australia. labor's julia gillard has won and will continue as prime minister. she has announced she is ready to lead what she calls a stable and effective administration. interesting phrase since she has been narrowest possible majority. howard nick bryant reports from sydney. >> it is like the finale of the tv reality show, with the winner kept a closely-guarded secret. it all came down to two of the so-called three amigos.
Sep 14, 2010 4:30am EDT
, work hard and stay focused on learning. this is the sec back to school speech delivered by the president to the nation's students. building new and better schools is always a good thing but some people in anacostia are upset with the renovation project at that high school. specifically, why students there are attenning classes during the construction while other students across the river are not. we see the concern and what school leaders are saying about it. >> reporter: east of the river in a multimillion-dollar construction project but students from anacostia high school are still in the building. >> they shouldn't be here while they are doing construction. >> shouldn't have no kids running an on a construction site at all. >> if we are going to have one school system we have to treat it like that and not preferencing based on social economic conditions or race. >> we wanted to work with dc precipitation s to keep the student population as close to the neighborhood as possible. >> reporter: say there were eight sites where students could have been moved too but they were too
Sep 3, 2010 4:30am EDT
, they've always got invested interest. yeah, and the sec is looking at this issue right now with the new shared responsibilities of broker/dealers verses investment advisors. currently, brokerage/dealers are not held to that high standard of fiduciary duties and that investment advisors are. exactly, don't listen to any was recommendations or advice. do your own research. and that's it for viewer mail. remember to keep them coming. you can e- mail us at comments @ first business news dot com. find out next whether the market is due for a break out or a break down after today's jobs numbers. we'll be right back. it was more surreal than anything. you're under fire. you're getting blown up. there's definitely adrenaline. there was the explosion, and i remember just opening my eyes, and it got both of my legs. i had surgery after surgery, you know, i was on a lot of pain medicine. "what's going to happen next? and how long am i going to be here?" the wounded warrior project dropped off a backpack for me. and it had everything in there that i could possibly have needed at that time. peer vis
Sep 9, 2010 11:30pm EDT
running. defensive i, they played well. and brett favre got tired in the sec half and they really missed sidney rice. they don't have that threat down the field. >> and shiancoe was the tightened. >> if you look at the defensive side for the vikings, the young secondary played extremely well. they held them to 14 minutes and the saints, i mean, they just played well. >> but you look at favre, you could see fatigue. arm or -- >> just his body language. the last drive of the first half was special. i thought he was going to come out and rip them up in the second half and he couldn't get going. >> you are talking about a 41-year-old guy who missed training camp. >> it might be better after he practices and gets into the flow. but tonight, it wasn't sharp. >> you can't recreate that situation if it's brett favre or someone younger. >> he made wonderful throws down the middle. >> back to bob. >> before we clear out of here and head to d.c. for the sunday nighter between the redskins and the cowboys. for breaking news and updates, the place to go is profootball talk on th
Sep 17, 2010 4:30am PDT
financial firms to hide their debt. the sec is proposing new rules that would allow banks -- prevent banks from temporarily trimming their debt at the end of a quarter to make their finances appear stronger than they really are. the practice is legal but regulators say it is misleading to investors. the gold rush on wall street showing little sign of slowing. the price of an ounce jumped thursday to more than $1, 270 an ounce a record high, the second set this week. investors often turn to the precious metal as a safe haven when they fear stocks could be in trouble. some analysts believe the price could top $1300 soon for an ounce. >>> a mega merger in the skies ready for takeoff. the result of shareholder voting will be announced today in the proposed merger of united and continental airlines. if shareholders approve the deal tom create the world's biggest airline is expected to close in just the next two weeks. the new carrier would keep the united name and be based in chicago. some analysts think it could lead to higher ticket fares, terrell that, is something none of us want to h
Sep 15, 2010 4:30am EDT
sec commencement challenge. a nationwide contest in which schools compete to land him as their graduation speaker. hopefully the construction problems will clear out soon. howard bernstein has a look at the forecast and it's one you will like. >> back to school in montgomery county. the day off yesterday for the primaries. everybody else outdoor recess because cool start to the day. temperatures really the only story right now because it is quiet out there with some readings in the 50s and 49 in york and one or two spots in the upper 40s. culpeper
Sep 7, 2010 4:00pm PDT
insists this march leaders meet or exceed all sec guidelines for real control devices. >> it's a cliche but today is true what a difference a day makes. look at these current temperatures in the '60s and '70s for the most part much cooler than what we saw there yesterday. as much as 25 degrees or a little bit more. 50 and san francisco, 65 in oakland and 62 in a word. our inland spots in the '70s antioch 81 degrees. over the past 24 hours it's quite remarkable the difference. 24 degrees cooler in oakland same thing in hayward in concord. 13 degrees cooler in antioch and it still in the '80s there right now. 24 hours ago was much much warmer. temperatures dropped dramatically more also seeing gusty winds out there. at our satellite pictures you notice the dog up and down the san mateo coastline. that is how it broke off shore. this is important as we head into the overnight hours to see if of widespread fraud. i think we will end of tracker showing that as well. the three an hour to the 6:00 hour if you notice the widespread fog and a little more broken up in the north bay. there's a sto
Sep 27, 2010 11:00pm EDT
who committed the crime. surveillance in the hospital. >> taylor has bben charged with first and sec degree murder. ú%vestigators have not released a motive. %-american fisherman.apologizee sentencee to 31 years. lockner told the judge he sentenced to 30 years for thett. attack in south baltimore and 1 year or attacking a corrections officcr behind bars. that officer said locknnr deserved more jail time. >> in accordance with the plea agreement, the state felt that the one yearrwas an appropriate sentence to tack onto the end of what was considered to be the >> lockner is re a registered sex offender in the state.3 -> the storms that moved thrrugh the area brought tornado warnnngs with them. >> parts of carroll, howard, baltimore counties under the waanings earlier today. nothing came of them.3 jjst a ay of gray skies and rain. strange weather though. and we can see more flooding. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here with more on how much rain we will get.3 vytas. %-rainfall accoss parts of the state. ssme rain still cooing down at3 ú%is time. dealing with that. anywherr from
Sep 27, 2010 12:00pm EDT
gusty winds, or very briefly you may have a tornado on the ground for 5 seconds, 10 sec, 30 seconds. i think we're talking about situation like that at the worst. still though, you want to be on the careful side and take precautions as that warning is going on for another 15 minutes or so as this storm lifts it to the north with the very heavy rains. just going to good over and check one more time. we'll keep this in motion, see if we have any updates that have come in. last check, still worried about this storm passing clarksville is and we see it well north of
Sep 9, 2010 4:00pm PDT
. >> the rep. >> we do not support any sec out, or anything for that matter. >> and the union says the of problems with policy changes, and they're challenging those to the proper legal channels. sick out is not the right to go and get this letter has been distributed to drivers to let them know. >> and we need to stick together, and our priority is to give service to our communities. >> and for those people use the public transportation, the reaction is as anticipated. >> it would impact me as i could not go to work, or pickup my children. >> a real inconvenience to a lot of people in muni is so difficult i would be late for work, opponents,, everything. it is my primary form of transportation so i need it. >> how this all shakes out is anybody's guess and will not know until monday. and how many buses hit the road and how many drivers show up for work. in san francisco. >> today, we asked our viewers on facebook what they thought about safe sick out and kimberly sakamoto? >> pamela, overwhelmingly, they thought that if this were to happen next week there would not be on the driver's sid
Sep 8, 2010 12:30am EDT
. gets peia home. markakis tries to score from sec. he slides. pasada cannot hang onto the ball. top of the third. after ones, flies ouu to right. sabathia calls pasada to the mound to discuss how to piich to noland reimold. very first pitch. look. crushes it to left. reaches the second deck of the -tadium. two run omb. they lead. runners on the orn corner for markakis. look at that pieceeof hitting. servee it to left. bell scores from third. o's taae the lead. that was ii for sabathia. 20 wins will have to waat. as the birds take the second straight game offthe series. >> and o's go for the sweep of the 1st plaae yankees tomorrow with a 1:05 start in the brrnxs. >> looking at some showers, kind 3 >> final look at the seven-day it looks like we will see 86 degrees tomorrow. maybe a fewwclluds gather with the front pushing through overnight through the morning hhurs. we will see some sunshine. 77 friday. booh pleaaant days. 82 degrees. with sunshine. and now sunday we may see sun and clouds. but 40 percent chance for showers. early parts of next week, innthe lower 80s. jennifer and jeff.
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